The life cycle of the flea is similar to the life of a moth egg, larva (caterpillar), papa (cocoon) and adult. A newly hatched adult flea is unfed, small, black and aggressive. Some people mistake these as ground or sand fleas. After they have had a blood meal, leas will lighten in colour and become larger. For every flea on your pet, there may be hundreds waiting to hatch.

Ten fleas can potentially reproduce up to 250 000 fleas in only 30 days.

Fleas will be seen when an area is newly disturbed – such as when people get up in the morning or go outside. But not usually later in the day. If the treatments are working the fleas will hatch, come into contact with the treated surfaces (carpet, soil – treated by our company, or pet treated by an animal flea product) and die within hours.


Flea Solution 

The treatment of your pets and pets environment (if Necessary INT + EXT) along with some patience. 

Animal treatments and environmental treatments should be completed around the same time to receive full effect and get better results.

What we Offer

Budget pest control we offer:

  • Internal Flea treatments
  • External Flea treatments
  • Internal and External flea treatments
  • End of lease flea treatment

With end of lease flea treatments,we recommend that it is carried out after your end of lease carpet cleaning to be effective.

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For more information about fleas, click on the link below:

Flea Information Brochure


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