Gryllotalpa is a genus of the insect known as mole cricket. They are a 4cm stocky insect with cylindrical bodies and strong forelegs. The adult has wings although they do not fly much. They are often seen crawling on the ground at night time.

Crickets can be found in warm, moist environments. In homes they are usually found around kitchens and heaters. Outdoors they usually nest in wood piles so often can”t be seen.

Indoors, House Crickets consume silk, wool and similar fabrics. They may also get into your pantry and eat your fruit/vegetables, or pet food. Crickets are considered a problem pest as they produce loud chirping sounds and keep home owners awake at night.

Treatment Options

  • Internal only
  • External only
  • Internal and external

Our technicians have safe and effective chemicals that are proven to work in preventing and treating crickets. For more information regarding Budget Pest Control’s Treatment options contact our office 9470 6766

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