Cockroach Identification Perth

Cockroach identification is important and can also help with the effectiveness of the cockroach treatment you receive at your home. Below are listed the most common types of cockroaches found in Perth and where they can be found. If you at any time assistance with cockroach identification or  require more information or assistance we can be contacted on 9470 6766.


Most commonly found indoors:

German Cockroaches. (Blatella germanica)

Appearance: Found throughout the world, they can be identified by their light brown or tan colouring with 2 distinct horizontal dark stripes on their pronotum (behind their head). The adult cockroaches are about 12-16mm in length.

Younger much smaller roaches called Nymphs are much darker but also have the dark stripes. Nymphs can take from 6 weeks to 6 months to develop into adults and there are 3-4 generations produced a year and eggs hatch in about 1 month.

Adult German cockroaches have wings but rarely fly preferring to run.

Habitat: Most commonly found indoors, preferring wet, humid conditions  like kitchens, bathrooms and commercial properties.

Brown banded Cockroach.  (Supella longipalpa)


Appearance: The brown banded cockroach is one of the smallest invasive cockroaches. The range from 10—15mm in length and in colour range from dark brown to a dark red.

Both male and female brown-banded roaches possess wings, but only the males are capable of flying. Both genders have a light brown band that runs across the base of the wings.

Brown-banded cockroach nymphs will take three to six months to develop. Unlike American or German cockroaches (who prefer to infest kitchen and bathroom areas), brown-banded roaches will infest any room inside of a house. This makes them more difficult to control.

Habitat: Ceilings, attics, inside and around appliance motors and light fittings. Mostly active at night.

 Found mainly outdoors but can come indoors:


American cockroach. (Periplaneta americana)

American cockroach Identification Perth

Appearance: One of the largest cockroaches to invade homes and commercial properties, adult American roaches can be 35-50mm in length. They are a shinny reddish brown in colour with a yellow band behind their heads. The males having longer wings than their bodies and the females wing tips only just overlap their body length.

They prefer to run however during high temperatures they have been known to fly.

Habitat: Preferring dark undisturbed humid areas. Found in subfloors, kitchens, basements, roof voids and bathrooms of homes.

Australian Cockroach. (Periplaneta australasiae)

Australian Cockroach Identification Perth

Appearance:  About 35mm in length and very similar in appearance to the American cockroach.  The Australian Cockroach is a large reddish brown cockroach with yellow margin round the thorax and yellow edges to front part of fore wings. The antennae are long and the legs are spiky. They are pest in households. This is a common pest in homes and can transmit disease by contaminating food. The name is misleading as they are an introduced species from Asia. They will fly in warmer weather.

Habitat: Can be found outdoors in gardens and inside homes in cupboards, behind drawers, in all food areas and industrial areas, sub-floor areas, wall and roof voids. Favors warm, humid environments.

Oriental Cockroach. (Blatta orientalis)


Appearance: Oriental cockroaches are about 20-25mm in length and dark brown to black in colour. The males will have wings covering majority of their abdomen however the females wings are small and nonfunctional exposing most of the body segments.

Habitat: Primarily an outdoors species. Most outdoor populations can be found living beneath the mulch in landscape beds, in leaf litter, beneath stones or debris outdoors. If access is available, the oriental cockroach  can thrive beneath porches, in wall voids and crawlspaces. In suburban areas, can be found in large numbers living in storm drains and sewers.

Oriental cockroaches are known for their preference of feeding on garbage, filth or material that has begun to decay. These cockroaches are very dependent on water, they can survive for up to a month without food, but cannot survive more than 2 weeks without a water source.


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