Bees and Wasps


Bees and wasps are both black and yellow. Wasps have cylindrical bodies with a narrow waist connecting the thorax to the abdomen and slender legs. They are sleeker and more streamlined for hunting. Bees usually retract their legs so they are not visible in flight, whereas wasps do not. 

                             Bee Wasp

Once a bee stings, they die. Whereas wasps sting multiple times in a row without dying.

*What to do if you get stung by a bee/wasp*

  1. Wash area with soapy water, try to remove sting to stop the venom spreading.
  2. Apply cold compressant to reduce the swelling/pain.
  3. Keep wound clean/dry to prevent infection.

For more information about bites and stings click here


Our technician can remove, spray or dust the nest/hives. Previous to arrival you must let us know when the bees/wasps arrived and where they are. This is so our technicians can come to your property prepared and with the right equipment. 

After Treatment 

The property resident must inspect and clean up the dead bees/wasps off the floor as they can still sting once they die. Flying insects are hard to control but our treatments are known to be effective. 

For more information regarding our treatments contact us on 9470 6766 or email us info@budget pest.com.au

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